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Erion IPv6 News

For those interested in the pressing issue of IPv6 security and wanting a high-level overview of the challenges and security features of IPv6 then the video from Erion’s David Holder’s recent presentation at the UK IPv6 Council’s IPv6 Security Workshop is now available on YouTube. The slides and a brief summary of the presentation can ... [More]

NEW Erion are delighted to announce a new advanced IPv6 training course focusing on network forensics for IPv6 networks and systems. This course is designed from the ground up to provide forensic investigators and network security professionals with all that they need to carry out effective IPv6 forensic investigations. In today’s cyber security aware environment, network ... [More]

Erion’s David Holder provides an insight into the recent IPv6 Security Workshop I was privileged to be invited to speak at this year’s IPv6 Security Workshop arranged by the UK IPv6 Council. The event, held at the BT Centre in central London, was oversubscribed well in advanced with around 170 delegates registered. This was the largest ... [More]

In the coming months you have the opportunity to attend advanced IPv6 training from the world’s leading IPv6 training company. We have two new public scheduled dates for our popular and comprehensive Implementing and Securing IPv6 course as well as a date for our new course IPv6 Forensics. IPv6 Forensics is a brand-new training course. Our ... [More]

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